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Television Service with Nikola Sarić

A recording of the television service broadcasted live on Bavarian Television on 4 March 2023 is now available in the ARD media library. In dialogue with Regional Bishop Christoph Kopp and Pastor Stephanie Höhner, he explains the works displayed in the exhibition at Himmelfahrtskirche Munich.





Nikola Sarić: Powerless

Himmelfahrtskirche, Munich-Sendling

A good year after the outbreak of war in Ukraine, the artist Nikola Sarić is putting together works in the exhibition “powerLESS” that deal with the topic of “power”.

As part of the exhibition, BR Fernsehen will broadcast a service from the Himmelfahrtskirche (Church of the Ascension) on Sunday, 5 March at 10:00 h with the participation of Nikola Sarić and Pastor Stephanie Höhner. The sermon will be given by the Regional Bishop of Munich and Upper Bavaria, Christian Kopp.

Himmelfahrtskirche, Kidlerstraße 15, 81371 Munich, Germany
The exhibition is open daily from 14:00 to 19:00 h.

Opening: 01.03.2023, 19:00 h.

Neustart Kultur

The STIFTUNG KUNSTFONDS is supporting my work in 2022 with a project grant from the NEUSTART KULTUR programme.

Book mention

구유니스: 이마고 데이 – 하나님의 모습을 찾아서

In her book Imago Dei – In Search of the Image of God, Eunice Gru devotes herself to modern to contemporary painting. In addition to Jean Michel Basquiat, Otto Dix and Marc Chagall, she also selected two works by Nikola Sarić .

구유니스: 이마고 데이 – 하나님의 모습을 찾아서, Seoul 2022 (Naver Publishers), ISBN 979-11-89703-33-2


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New Edition

The work “Les Martyrs de Libye” is now available as a limited-edition fine-art replica – courtesy of the Museum Petit Palais, Paris.