Nikola Sarić was born 1985 in Bajina Bašta, Serbia. In 2000, he moved to Belgrade to study at the TehnoArt School. In 2005, he began studying at the Faculty of Applied Arts of the University of Belgrade;  one year later he moved to study at the Academy of Serbian Orthodox Church for Arts and Conservation in the department of church art, where he graduated in 2014. Since 2011 Nikola Sarić lives in Hannover, Germany.

Nurtured in the practice of church art, his artistic expression is deriving from sacred Greco-Roman art and generally speaking the art of the classical antiquity and the medieval period. In his works, through the immediacy and simplicity of visual elements, he is conveying the intuition of a “transfigured world”. Using different techniques and materials, Nikola is trying to describe this unimaginable world. His interpretations reflect the personal spiritual experience as well as the tradition that breathes and evolves within the concepts of contemporaries.

Introduction by Dr. George Fousteris for the exhibition Nikola Sarić’: Parables and Witnesses (PDF)
Ο Δρ Γιώργος Φουστέρης για την έκθεση Nikola Sarić: Παραβολές και Μάρτυρες (PDF), Greek language

Vorwort von Dr. Todor Mitrović zum Bildband Demetrius – Begegnung mit dem Heiligen (PDF), German language

Vorwort von Janko Nikolić zum Bildband Himmlische Geschichten mit irdischer Bedeutung (PDF), German language

Interview for the Orthodox Art Journal (PDF)

Nikola Sarić, un iconographe transgressif? Master thesis by Jean Marc Nemer at the Université Pántheon-Sorbonne (PDF), French language



Solo Exhibitions

2017 Zeugen, Church of St. Augustine of Canterbury, Wiesbaden
2017 Und das Wort ward Bild, Gartenkirche St. Marien, Hannover
2017 Zyklus des Lebens, FONIS Art Gallery, Düsseldorf
2017 Zyklus des Lebens, Kunst im Quadrat, Hannover
2016 Nikola Sarić: Παραβολές και Μάρτυρες, Mount Athos Center, Thessaloniki
2016 Satt mich sehen an deinem Bilde, Mariensee Abbey, Neustadt am Rübenberge
2016 Ikonen und Chimera, Kunstsalon Villa Artista Gallery, Hannover
2015 Irdische Geschichten mit himmlischer Bedeutung, Coptic Orthodox Monastery, Höxter-Brenkhausen
2015 Wie durch einen Spiegel – Biblische Ikonographie heute, Institute for Religious Pedagogy, Loccum
2014 Laokoon, konnektor – forum for the arts, Hannover
2014 Demetrius – Begegnung mit dem Heiligen, Gartenkirche St. Marien, Hannover
2012 Separation, konnektor – forum for the arts, Hannover
2009 Свет који се не да замислити, Otklon Art Gallery, Belgrade

Group Exhibitions

2017 Apărători ai ortodoxiei și Sfinți Martiri din vremea comunismului, Centrul Cultural “Ion Manu” Otopeni/Bucharest
2017 Das fliegende Jackett,
FONIS Art Gallery, Düsseldorf
2016 Akte, Aktionen & Aktiva, Kunstsalon Villa Artista Gallery, Hannover
2016 Wildheit/Zähmung, Landestrost Castle, Neustadt am Rübenberge
2016 art3f Salon international d’art contemporain, Paris (represented by Kunstsalon Villa Artista)
2016 Икона у контексту 21. века, Museum of Herzegovina, Trebinje
2015 87th Autumn Exhibition by Artists from Lower Saxony, Kunstverein Hannover
2015 Савремени иконопис у Србији, Cultural Centre, Novi Sad
2015 18th ZINNOBER Kunstvolkslauf, Hannover
2015 Kultursommer Hainholz: Kunstmarkthalle, Hannover
2013 Überbleibsel, konnektor – forum for the arts, Hannover
2013 3rd Yokogawa Charity Art Festival, Hiroshima
2012 ART (F)AIR 2012, SofaLoft, Hannover


“Zeugen” (“Witnesses”) – pictures by Nikola Sarić and poems by Nikola Ðolović
2016, ISBN 978-3-9817939-0-1


Demetrius-Katalog-CoverbildAkathist to St. Demetrius in pictures by Nikola Sarić
2014, ISBN 978-3-00-046990-9


Gleichnisse-Titelbild“Irdische Geschichten mit himmlischer Bedeutung” (“Earthly stories with heavenly meanings – Parables of Jesus in pictures by Nikola Sarić”)
2015, ISBN 978-3-00-050210-1