25.06.2021-25.07.2021, Zukunftswerkstatt Ihme-Zentrum, Hannover

Edin Bajrić and Nikola Sarić have positioned themselves in their previous artistic approaches to relevant and everlasting socio-political themes, and in the latest production at the Ihme-Zentrum they try to expand this. On the threshold of presence to transcendence, in the simultaneity of opposites, the moments of paradox, the moments of recognition and the seconds of transformation, the center of the project lies.
The title “Yes? Yes!” indicates a kind of communication and perception process – a dialogue between you and me or between me and myself. It has long been known that the recipient demands a dialogue with the author of a work. Who asks the question and who gives the answers – the viewer, the author or the work?
Where are the cultural opportunities for participation and social transformation potentials in such a discourse? The positions in the form of paintings, sculptures, graphics, photographs and room installations are presented from various perspectives.

A project of URWERK e.V. funded by the Lower Saxony Ministry of Science and Culture.

Opening hours:
Mon + Sat: 17:00-21:00 h, guided tours at 18:00 h
Fri + Sun: 15:00-19:00 h, guided tours at 16:00 h

Location: Zukunftswerkstatt Ihme-Zentrum, Ihmeplatz 7E, 30449 Hannover, Germany