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Il Battesimo di Cristo nell’artea Maria nell’arte by Emanuela Fogliadini and François Bœspflug was published in September 2021 by the Italian publisher Jaca Book.

In this book, the two authors, theologians and art historians, give an overview of the topic in the long history of art and trace its great stations and main features according to epochs and denominations. The variety of the selected works and the many details they represent will be the place to highlight the core of the theological message: the explicit Trinitarian theophany at this extraordinary moment in the life of Christ. The gestures of Giovanni, the (almost) nudity of Christ in the water, the voice of the Father, rendered by a symbol or in an anthropomorphic way, the dove of the spirit that takes on different sizes and colors, the presence of angels distributing towels, the Jordan River, which is often personified – not to mention the fish – they vary depending on the artist, Region, epoch.

A journey from the catacombs to contemporary art, from East to West, with an opening to non-European art, through a melange of styles and inspirations to tell a founding event of Christian history.

The book contains a work by Nikola Sarić from the Cycle of Life.

Available from bookshops (ISBN 9788816606272). Italian Edition.

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