Book mention

L’Annunciazione a Maria nell’arte d’Oriente e d’Occidente by Emanuela Fogliadini and Francois B’spflug was published by Jaca Books in October 2020.

The Annunciation to Mary is not the only Annunciation reported in the Bible, but it is undoubtedly the one that has experienced exceptional fortune in the history of Christian art, to the point of being a source of inspiration for a heritage of images of unparalleled richness. A heritage accumulated from the origins of Christian art to the present day and developed on all media and in all formats, in the East as in the West, and in all regions of the world united by the announcement of the Good News, of which the Annunciation it is, so to speak, the “gateway”. To help discover and appreciate this treasure of images, the authors have selected a representative sample of works from among those they considered most beautiful, most representative, most finely conceived and most worthy of attention and contemplation. Each of them is reproduced in full page and described in detail by a commentary text, through the use of historical sources that reconstruct their clients and recipients, their production and their function. The analysis of the works provides the interpretative elements for their reading and their full fruition, drawing them from theology, from the history of the liturgy and spirituality, as well as from the comparative history of religions, capable of offering illuminating parallels. Some of the very recent works examined have the merit of suggesting to the reader how the long history of the translation and transmission of the Gospel in images, both faithful and creatively innovative, continues over time, far from complete. The book contains a work by Nikola Sario from the Cycle of Life.

Available from bookshops (ISBN 9788816606272). Italian Edition.